Roof Inspection - winter_rainIn British Columbia rain must be considered by every homeowner for its long-term effects on roofs and more importantly the homes that roofs are built to protect. Heavy rainfall is a constant issue in BC and even the most well built house can contain weak spots that can prove to be troublesome.  Heavy rains can cause shingles to loosen or completely dislodge from the roof entirely. Over time, the combination of heavy rains and high pressure winds will wear away at a faulty roof.

These two factors along with others will eventually cause physical deterioration and leaking.  As well these leaks like these can lead to growth of bacteria, dry rot and eventually a collapsed roof or ceiling.

With heavy rainfall in the winter this becomes even more of an issue living in British Columbia. If you live in Burnaby, Langley, Surrey or in Vancouver or the rest of the lower mainland.

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