Leak Investigation

Do You Have a Roof Leak That Needs Investigating?

Some roof leak sources are obvious surface deficiencies. Some roof leaks are just pesky little drips that annoy you. Some roof leaks can be tricky to locate at times. But even the pesky little drips can evolve into much bigger problems if not addressed as soon as identified. Roof leaks come in all shapes and sizes so locating and properly addressing roof leaks is important and something we do efficiently.

When is a roof leak not a roof leak?

When the leak is from rooftop equipment, such as drain problems and other parts on the roof (vents, skylights, etc.). We make sure we thoroughly inspect the area of the water infiltration inside building or home and then investigate the rooftop area where the water is penetrating the interior of the unit. ”We make a detail report indicating the problem and the solution. This report is emailed to yourself or roofing contractor, to have the recommendations executed.”

Remember, our roof leak services are just one quick phone call away. We know what types of things to look for when it comes to a leaking roof. It’s true, sometimes a roof leaks can be rectified in a few minutes, then there are some roof leaks that require more than just a ‘quick fix’. Depending on the severity of the leak and its location, BC Roof Inspections can provide details on how your roofing contractor can solve the problem to eliminate the roof leak.

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